Siemian opened with the second team since he will be the second quarterback in during Saturday’s preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. Siemian started Thursday night's preseason game in Chicago. Following Monday’s practice, Von Miller Jerseyscoach Vance Joseph said the quarterbacks would split snaps with the starters during joint practices with the 49ers on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wow moment: Siemian continued show good rhythm in the offense. Demaryius Thomas JerseysHe found wide receiver Jordan Taylor on the left sideline in a team drill after Taylor had fallen down and then got up to make the catch. Late in practice, Siemian found wide receiver Kalif Raymond as Raymond crossed to the left sideline to convert a third-down play.

Whoa moment: Siemian didn’t have any turnovers in the practice, DeMarcus Ware Jerseysbut he missed a potential big play or two down the field. He overthrew Emmanuel Sanders down the right side for what would likely have been a touchdown as the rush closed in. Those type of dynamic plays have been missing during the competition.

Lynch opened with the starters in preparation for his start against the 49ers. Joseph said after practice that he thought Lynch should be “excited" as he approached Saturday’s game.

Wow moment: Lynch found a rhythm at times, Emmanuel Sanders Jerseysespecially in 7-on-7 drills early in practice. His best ball was to wide receiver Marlon Brown in team drills when Brown leaped between two defenders to grab the throw for a score.

Whoa moment: Lynch had another spell where he was slow to recover from mistakes. Monday, he had a floater intercepted by Aqib Talib in team drills, then had his next pass batted down, had the ball knocked out of his hands in the pocket on the play after that and then almost had another pass intercepted by Talib on the play after that. It has been a common theme of camp thus far.

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